Carol Ekarius



I am a freelance writer and author, living in the mountains of Colorado. My husband and I live off the grid. We keep a variety of critters, and have a large, organic garden. I write primarily about sustainable agriculture and small-scale farming, environment and nature, and food and lifestyle.

Over the last few years, I became concerned about how chemicals are impacting our health, because so many of my family and friends were getting sick with things that didn't seem to have a logical explanation. The more I learned, the more my concern grew. This led me to start my Toxic Burden site and Toxic Burden blog (links below). Please visit to learn more about what you can do to reduce health impacts from the manmade chemicals in our environment!

To learn more about my writing, visit www.carolekarius.com

You can email me at:

Please also consider visiting my husband, Ken Woodard's, music site to listen to some good Americana at www.bullspringsmusic.com


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